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An overview of clear braces in Sheffield

Many adults in the UK grew up with misaligned or crooked teeth, some of whom would have had this issue addressed through dental treatment in their teenage years. However, this still leaves many people who could have benefitted from teeth straightening who neglected to engage with it, often for their own very personal reasons.

It needs to be recognised that misaligned teeth are a common and serious issue that often leads to the development of other complications, many of which could be avoided by having the teeth aligned correctly. There is also a heightened risk of gum disease, plaque build-up, and tooth decay for those who live with misaligned teeth, due to the lack of ability to keep the teeth clean correctly.

Many of the adults who refused tooth alignment treatment in their teenage years may come to believe the opportunity for treatment has passed them by, this simply is not the case. There are treatment options available for adults that are perfect resolutions for treating misaligned teeth, simply looking for clear braces in Sheffield in an internet search will reveal the details of these solutions.

The benefits of tooth alignment treatment

By receiving tooth alignment treatment, the hope is that those living with misaligned teeth will receive some immeasurable benefits to their lives, as many will have lived with associated problems for many years. By aligning the teeth correctly these issues can be corrected and, in many cases, eliminated.

The presence of a weakened bite is a common problem that is associated with misaligned teeth, this can make eating difficult. By realigning the teeth, the bite can be strengthened allowing someone to have the ability to bite and chew food effectively, this will allow them to cope with eating the toughest of foods, such as steak.

Realigning the teeth correctly can also reduce the chances of gum disease and tooth decay from occurring, as well as reducing the risk of other types of damage happening to the teeth. The realigning of the teeth, through tooth straightening treatment, will also help to make the cleaning of them easier for the patient, again reducing the presence of oral health conditions.

In severe cases, misaligned teeth can be the cause of speech impediments such as lisps, something which can make people shy about public speaking. Aligning the teeth correctly can reduce the presence of a lisp, and produce clarity of speech in most cases.

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What are clear braces?

This new breed of braces are not just an updating of the traditional wire and metal braces, they are a total reworking of tooth brace technology. They can be fixed clear or ceramic braces with barely noticeable wires and brackets, or clear removable aligners which are created from two layers of hard-wearing and durable clear plastics, that are then moulded to sit over the patient’s teeth; these braces represented a giant leap forward in tooth alignment treatment.

Because both types of clear braces/aligners are made from transparent or tooth coloured materials, they allow the wearer to receive the treatment they need discreetly, once in place these braces are practically invisible to the eyes of those around the patient.

Deciding to make a change via tooth alignment treatment

For adults who have decided to have their teeth aligned, these clear braces may represent the treatment option they are looking for. The best way forward is to contact a dental practice to find out more details.

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