On the Move: A Location Checklist for Your Next Home

Let’s say you’ve found the house of your dreams. The place is excellent. The structure, the roof, the foundation — it’s just great. There are enough rooms for everyone in the family, and the yard is even beautiful. It’s a great house and land package, and it ticked off everything on your checklist. This might be the house.

Now that the house is covered, you have to consider the location too. When buying property, you’re not just going to be living in the house; you’re living in the area. This warrants a location checklist.

Maybe you end up prioritising one factor more than another, and that’s okay. It’s good to know what you want. This checklist is to aid you in making decisions. But the final say will always be yours. Here’s a location checklist for your next house-hunting sag.

Is it in a good neighbourhood?

First of all, parents want their children to be safe. You want the same for your kids too. You want your children to run around and play with other children in a safe environment, especially during the adjustment stage.

Moving is a big adjustment for the kids. Any parent would want their children to have a smooth transition. But being in a safe and friendly environment does help. It’s a great start for kids to explore and make new friends.

Are there essential establishments nearby?


If there is a grocery store or a hospital not too far off the area, that’s a good deal. Grocery trips will be more manageable since the drive won’t be as far anymore. You can complete your errands a little faster and stock up on essentials for the house ASAP (or whenever you feel like; it’s just a few minutes away anyway).

The same goes for having a hospital nearby. It’s reassuring to have a hospital accessible to your location in case of emergencies.

Is there a park close by?

Having a park close to your home is an underrated perk. It’s a great place to take walks with your dog and for the kids to play in. It’s a great place to make new memories. You get to meet and mingle with other adults in the neighbourhood, too. If you think about it, it’s an avenue for making new friends!

Are there bodies of water?

This may be irrelevant for you. You might even prefer having a lake in the location. For safety measures, get to know the scope of the site as much as you can. Ask your agent about this. Understanding the scope of the location can give you foresight on which places your kids need supervision in.

Is public transportation accessible?


Whether you have a car or not, having this type of accessibility is a good thing. If public transport isn’t far off from home, it can come in handy. Locations with accessible public transportation mean that the economic centre is close. This means you are close to markets, stores, and malls. You are close to places of business and work.

Another advantage is that friends and family can come over easily. If proximity is an issue, at least the location is accessible via public transportation.

How is the noise pollution?

Is the area close to heavy traffic? Do big trucks pass by often? If the answer is yes, do you mind the noise? Some folks value peace, and maybe you do too. When looking at houses, be sure to ask your agent about the traffic activity in the location.

Noise pollution occurs when there are unwanted sounds around your environment. This can cause stress, disturbance in your sleep, and even hearing damage. If you do mind, this is something worth taking note of.

Is there a dumpsite near the location?

Indeed, nobody wants to live near a dumpsite. Can you imagine living with the putrid smell daily? Cancel out choices that are near locations like this. It wouldn’t just affect the quality of your everyday life at home but also your health. A study showed that living near a dumpsite may cause respiratory problems and more, especially in children.

Let’s be honest. There won’t always be a perfect match upon looking. Sometimes, there will be compromises to be made and priorities to put first. That should be okay. You might not end up getting the perfect house or location, but you can still get an ideal alternative. There will always be something to fit your family’s needs. What matters most is your and your family’s comfort.

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