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Interior Design Ideas to Match Your Modern Lifestyle

The modern world is big on self-expression. People incorporate what they do and what they love into their lifestyles. And if the home is to be the extension of oneself, it stands to reason that it should also reflect this idea.

Here are some interior design ideas for modern lifestyles.


You’re one of those people who happily pay the early adopter tax for the latest and most promising tech innovations that come out. You don’t mind falling in line hours before the Apple stores place their newest device on sale. You’re on the waiting list for the next Tesla or Intel or AMD or NVIDIA product. You are a techie.

You surround yourself with the latest tech because you value the convenience they promise.

Fortunately, the internet of things has penetrated many appliances and even fixtures found in the home. Now, you can control everything from your thermostat to the color of your lightbulb by just calling out to your virtual assistant. “Hey, Siri!”

Your home is filled with smart devices that are perfectly incorporated in sleek designs. From TV screens flush on walls to electric fireplaces, you revel in all that tech.


Only the finest things for you. Money is no object as you select the best everything. You value comfort and convenience above all and you want the world to know it. You love luxury.

Mulberry silk, Shell Cordovan leather, Vicuna wool are just among the materials found in your vehicles, your clothes, and your home. You have your own art curator who fills your walls with classics and the works of edgy upcoming artists alike.

The embellishments in your furniture are handcrafted by the most skilled artisans. Even your rugs are unique and expensive enough to merit a place in the museum.

You can even take this a step further and look for the most eccentric and artsy architectural designs in the market. Your estate agent would surely love to set you up with that kind of home.



You constantly ask yourself whether an object sparks joy in your life. Whether it’s a statement on sustainability or you just love the cleanliness and orderliness of clear spaces, you are a minimalist.

You choose a cozy home with only the most essential items. A couple of chairs, a simple bookshelf, light artwork, and neutral colors all around – that is where you feel most comfortable.

You prefer to do things efficiently and that reflects in your design decisions. You love multi-purpose items that still adhere to your home’s general style. This includes storage ottomans, wall-folding beds, or kitchen appliances that fulfill the work of several.


You love art and nature. You have been described as a free spirit and you liked it. You consider your lifestyle as the culmination of the modernization of the hippie culture. Unconventional, eccentric, bohemian.

You enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and your home’s aesthetics tend to reflect that. You surround yourself with earthy colors and rustic designs. You have elaborate furniture pieces made from salvaged wood so no two pieces are identical. You enjoy native patterns and natural styles.

You love the open and prefer having a garden and an outdoor space for meditation, playing with pets, or entertaining guests.


Are you heading to the gym or coming from a party? People can’t really tell, but you do look hip and trendy. This combination of casual and sportswear suits your lifestyle well as an active and outgoing person. It also highlights your fitness.

You value staying in shape and having fun. Having a workout space is a must for your home. Here you can find your preferred means of exercising, along with maybe an inspiration piece of art or two.

You stay on top of health and wellness trends. Your furniture highlights ergonomics and comfort. You like things organized, meaning you have a ton of storage space to keep your sneakers and designer bags.

You enjoy having your home in the middle of busy streets and cities, so you always have access to everything.


Self-expression has taken on a whole new level with interior home design. Your lifestyle can easily translate into meaningful and functional aesthetics elements to fill your living space. Decide which of these ideas resonate with you.

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