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Intergenerational Amusement: Kiddie Fun in the Elderly’s Granny Flat

Children’s parties are always moments of beauty – and chaos. You have wonderful programs catered to kids who will be celebrating with their friends, parents, and grandparents. Speaking of grandparents, it’s undeniable that they’d also want to join in the fun because, after all, it’s their grandkid’s birthday. They’d want to be part of their life while they’re still around. Given that fact, they may want to contribute something to the party. It may be a gift, a surprise, or even hosting the party itself. Their granny flats might become the perfect venue for it. Everyone wants to experience some fun, so why not arrange it so that there’s something for both children and the elderly?

Game On

Parties are great fun when there are games to play. While most of the program is targeted toward the kids, prepare some activities where the adults can participate in as well. However, you shouldn’t just put in any game. Include those that are best done by the grown-ups but are also still kid-friendly and family-oriented. When you do that, the kids will get to see their parents and grandparents enjoy what it’s like to play. For example, you can buy a cornhole set so that you can all participate in one activity that’s easy and fun to do.

Grown-ups’ Area

Children, their parents, and their grandparents have different ideas for having fun. Children, for the most part, want to play around as well as eat as much favorite food as they can. Adults, on the other hand, are more into telling stories and playing cards and other tabletop gambling games. As responsible adults, you don’t want your children being part of that yet. A possible solution to this problem would be to set up separate areas for the two groups, with the grown-ups outside and the kids inside. However, before you even start, make sure that everything is made childproof. You can’t expect to enjoy a party by worrying too much.

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So what’s a party for adults without a little something to drink? But wait, the party is supposed to be for kids, right? No worries! Kids can still enjoy drinking juice or soda without getting them into trouble. You can also separate the drinks that only the adults can take. You don’t have to bring out the alcoholic beverages out for all the children to see. You can serve the adults some mixed drinks like margaritas to mask their appearance. You also don’t need to bring out the fancy glasses since you want to have a bit of child-like fun into the mix.

In a granny flat, there’s no limit to what you can do for a children’s party. That’s not all; grandma and grandpa can easily join in the fun without much of a hassle. They will also get to feel the youthful energy that surrounds them and at least, for a short time, get to experience what it’s like to be young again. Who says that children’s celebrations are only for kids to participate in and enjoy?

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