Want to increase the number of patients you have? Let an expert show you how!

If you have a wonderful dental practice that is filled with enthusiastic staff, technology and leading treatments, then you may be wondering why you don’t have a waiting list as long as your list of things to do and that’s big! The issue is probably that you don’t have a dental marketing strategy. This could be because you have decided to do a DIY job on building your website and creating social media content, and while this may be satisfactory, it may not contain the keywords it needs to actually get your website and social media noticed.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about increasing the prominence of your website on the results page on Google. Google dominates over 90% of the Australian searches that are made. Therefore, it is really important that when people search for terms connected to what you offer that they actually get to see the link to your website. After all, many people click on the first link that they see – over 25% in fact. Having a presence on Google could dramatically increase the number of people converting to patients at your practice.

How does SEO marketing work?

In order to get this positioning on Google’s results page, SEO marketing takes a lot of time and effort. Google has an analytics function that allows companies to search for keywords and phrases that are regularly searched for by people in connection with their business and location. In doing this, one can discover what the keywords are that need to be present on a company’s website in order for it to feature more highly on Google’s results page, when those words are searched for. Of course, these words can change, which means that this monitoring and analysis needs to be carried out frequently, in order to stay ahead of the game and maintain the position you have gained in the results. This is why many companies outsource this work to marketing companies, who concentrate entirely on the creation of social media and website content, as well as ensuring it is visible to the public, including SEO marketing strategies. It is a full-time job and while you are busy treating people’s teeth, you can relax knowing this work is being done for you and your business, if you get a marketing company on board to help you.

Blog articles

Another strategy that SEO marketing employs to link the keywords searched for on Google with your website is through blog content. By writing articles that are relevant to the keywords, as well as your practice, these articles can be either linked to your website, or appear on the website, generating prominence on Google’s results page. The amount of time and content that is required for this to work is probably more than you want to be spending on writing articles yourself, and a decent marketing company should provide this for you. Just make sure that you check that they are able to create content that meets compliance rules.

SEO is a smart move

If you are ready to grow your business, perhaps it’s time to get SEO marketing experts to help. Ask them to show you what their strategy would be and define the scale of time they expect to achieve results in. If you do get help, you, and many other people, could see your website a lot more easily online.

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