Important Facilities in a Boardroom

Business conferences and large meetings are usually held in boardrooms or function rooms. There are basically two types of conferences – one is when a presenter or speaker comes in front and uses the podium to present a lecture or report. The other one is a boardroom setup where the members sit at a table as equals. There, they discuss important issues and make business decisions which make a huge impact in their respective industries. In Fort Lauderdale, conference and meeting rooms are dressed up for executives and members of the board. It is also outfitted with the best technology, furniture, and computer equipment to make presentations flawless and impressive.

If you’re planning to set up a meeting room or conference room for your company, here are some things you need to know:

Comfortable and Suitable Amenities

Meeting rooms or function rooms should be accessible to all participants. These meetings are usually held at business centers, hotels, or function halls if the host cannot accommodate the audience or participants in their own office. This also allows them to choose comfortable seating arrangement as well as types of chairs suited for the event and the attendees. For events that will take 8 hours or several days, executive chairs, ergonomic chairs, long tables and effective sound systems with audio-visual facilities should be arranged. Tiffany chairs are a big no-no for these kinds of business conferences.

Choose a venue with reliable air-conditioning or heating facilities depending on the season. Be sure that the multi-media facilities are excellent, because you don’t want any technical glitches and errors while the important guest is in the middle of a presentation. Delays or malfunctions can mar a great conference.

Boardroom Style Meetings


Boardroom meetings are not just more formal, they also require more equipment and facilities. For one, there should be a round or long table with enough chairs for the members of the board. Since these are high profile individuals, they will be bringing laptops which need plugs, power outlets, Wi-Fi connection as well as adapters for the projector. There should be ample space for the participants, comfortable chairs, a working microphone, and room for refreshments or food.

Additionally, since these are mostly executives, the members are provided with a clear view of the screen. There should also be an excellent sound system so these executives don’t need to strain their ears to hear the presentation.

The Conference Venue

Whether it is a classroom style conference or a boardroom type of meeting, the venue should provide strong internet connectivity, catering services for snacks or tea and meals. The venue should also have effective noise cancellation interface so people inside other meeting rooms or board rooms don’t disturb one another.

Another essential feature that needs serious consideration for choosing meeting rooms is the availability of parking spaces for all the guests. It can be a frustrating experience to park very far from the venue of the meeting or conference that you have to attend.

If conference rooms or board rooms aren’t available in your building, you can rent a conference room complete with all the equipment and amenities for several hours. You can meet with potential investors or clients without having to invest in a corporate meeting room set up.

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