How To Add Personality To Your Room

Sometimes, when you’ve moved to a new place, it can feel very much like a blank slate. It can feel alienating at times–to be in a white room with empty walls–and the most you can do is add a little more accessories to make it feel like its really yours.

Besides, personalizing your room can make you feel proud of yourself. If it’s your first apartment, it’s like a huge congratulatory gesture for yourself. If you chose to redecorate, it’s like starting anew–your new self. Either way, decorating your place and adding some pizzazz to it feels rewarding, but it’s going to require a lot of creativity and hard work.

Here are ways on how to personalize an empty room:

Accent Wall

An accent wall is the one side of the room that is in contrast with the rest of the walls. The accent wall can have a different color or texture. It can give an illusion of a bigger or smaller room, depending on where it is situated.

It is entirely up to you to pick which side of the room you will turn into an accent wall. It will also be your choice on what you want to put. It could be any of the following:

  • Pattern wallpaper. These are wallpapers that have a repetitive image or pattern. While some patterns are 2D, other patterns–like bricks–can be in 3D, giving the illusion that they are the actual texture that they appear.
  • Mural. This is fun because you can choose whether you’d want to use a wallpaper mural or have it painted by an artist or on your own. Either way, you can add your taste in the mural.
  • Your favorite color. This is incredibly personal because your favorite color usually evokes emotions and says a lot about your taste.

Photo Wall

Capturing every moment in life–from the most mundane to the most memorable ones–is nostalgic. If you’ve recently moved out, seeing pictures with your friends and family can give you the feeling of home. Aside from this, photos tend to make you feel warm inside, especially when you try to relive those moments. You can stick polaroids on the wall or clip them on a piece of string.

A photo wall is also a great way to showcase some of your best works when you’re a photographer. You can put them in frames and strategically arrange them however you like. Then, it will be like an exhibit for all your guests.



One good way to have more room for customization is to utilize bookshelves. Aside from showing your personality with the kind of books you read, you can add some picture frames, figurines, and trinkets you found at a local store. These shelves will allow you to have more storage space and showcase the stuff that you own. Maybe some of this stuff has sentimental value, too.

Before you start drilling holes and sticking things on the wall, make sure to check the terms and conditions on the contract. You don’t want to be causing any conflicts because of these little tweaks and designs.

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