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High-end Remodeling Ideas For the Well-off Homeowner

For the well-to-do homeowner, it’s essential to make improvements that make the home an even better space to live in.

If you have the resources and the space, then by all means, start looking for worthwhile remodeling ideas to implement. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Elevate the master bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you are spending a lot of time for rest and relaxation— unless you’re a workaholic. Kidding aside, as a frequented part of the home, do your best to add elements that make you feel pampered and at ease.

If you’re buying furniture online for your bedroom, try looking for a sophisticated but comfortable headboard. Alternatively, a designer footboard couch can add another area in the bedroom for you to lounge around.

For a major update, consider adding a roomy walk-in closet, where you can take your time to go through your wardrobe before heading out. A morning bar strategically placed where there is sufficient natural light can be a great space to wake up to — ideal for quick run-throughs of the day or just gathering your thoughts.

Create an outdoor space

Sometimes the living room is just not enough. An outdoor area can help you entertain guests in style. A backyard barbecue or soirée by the deck or patio is an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family. Plus, there’s more interesting things to do in your home during the summer or good weather in general.

If you have more than enough space, don’t hesitate to go for it. Just make sure to plan it carefully cover the essentials.

For instance, good shade is a must-have. Nobody likes to be under the scorching heat of the sun for extended periods of time. Being rained on isn’t a good option either. Invest in high quality sunshades or terrace roof covers.

If you’re adding a grill, carve out a dedicated grill area where you can install appropriate hardscaping. Additionally, don’t forget to integrate livable landscaping that complements the external features of your home.

Don’t forget the kids — make their bedrooms stand out as well

kids bedroom
While children may not yet fully appreciate a high-end remodel, they do respond well to unique and creative rooms that engage their seemingly limitless imagination. Of course, the upgrades you pursue will depend on your children’s individual interests and passions.

To get the ball rolling, why not start off with a functional bunk bed?  Consider adding a small desk at the bottom, where they can do their homework and store a variety of books. For a slightly different idea, you can also add built-in bookshelves directly beside the bed area for a quick bedtime story session.

If your kid is fond of building forts, draping a canopy over the actual bed can help recreate the experience of camping outdoors.

Additionally, adding a blackboard or wall space for drawing and doodling is a great way to cultivate their creative side. This provides your kids with the freedom to design their room in their own little way.

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