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Giving people back their youthful looks with Botox Dublin

There are many people who start to regret the effects of the ageing process upon their faces, many of whom seek a variety of ways to reverse or avoid the onset of the signs of age. We have all seen the creams and lotion that are available on the cosmetic market that make promises of being able to deal with the signs of ageing on the face, by reducing the build-up of wrinkles, and for many people, these products are the go-to solution but there are others who may decide to take a very different route to resolve the signs of the ageing process.

In recent years there has been a growth in the number of people accessing a group of injectable cosmetic treatments, that are also classed as facial aesthetic treatments, as a way to gain a quick solution to ageing signs such as wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Botox Dublin is one such treatment that has grown in popularity in recent years, as it has become regarded as a mainstay within the world of injectable treatments that can often provide patients with the results they desire.

A youthful, fuller look to the face

What patients want when they are looking into receiving facial aesthetic treatment is a solution that will help them regain the looks, they had when they were younger. Botox, a sterile and safe form of toxin botulinum type A, is a solution that can help patients regain youthful looks around the eyes and in the forehead by fulling out the area under any signs of age.

The benefits of this treatment begin with the fact that it can be administered in a short space of time, normally within one short appointment lasting around thirty to forty minutes. This makes receiving an injectable cosmetic treatment more convenient than undergoing traditional cosmetic surgery.

Patients should start to see the full effect of their treatment within a few short days, normally four to seven days. Unlike recovery from cosmetic surgery, there is no real downtime after receiving an injectable treatment, however, patients are advised to avoid strong direct sunlight, the wearing of large amounts of make-up, and alcohol in the days directly after receiving treatment.

It is important to note that the effects gained by this treatment are temporary, lasting between four to six months before dissipating. However, patients can receive top-up treatments but only do so after consultation with the professional who administered their treatment.

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Always receive treatment from a trained professional

We know it may seem strange to think of a dentist providing cosmetic treatments, but once this is given some thought people quickly understand that these people are highly trained in the practice of administering injections to areas of the face without damage to tiny muscles under the skin. This makes them the perfect people to provide this kind of treatment.

To those who are considering Botox injections as a way to stave off the signs of age, our advice is to contact the local dental practice to see if this is a treatment they offer then a consultation appointment can be arranged with a fully trained professional.

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