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For Freelancers: Top Three Tips to Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time is one of the most important things you need to manage on a daily basis. Losing track of it can cause chaos, especially if you have deadlines waiting to be met. Working from home may be convenient, but time management can be quite a challenge, especially if you are working on a flexible schedule.

Apart from meeting deadlines, organising your day can help you feel less stressed and be more productive. It also shows clients and employers that you value their business. Good work ethics can help you land a job and make great connections. Here are a few ways you can get time on your side.

Make Chores Easier

If there is a shortcut to doing something, such as household chores, then do it. An efficient way to do this is to set a day every week to do a specific chore. For instance, you can assign Saturday for doing laundry or Sunday for grocery shopping.

If you live alone, it would also save a lot of time ordering home meal delivery in Singapore instead of cooking every day. This may sound simple, but when you get used to it, you will find that you get more hours out of your day than you used to.

Have Your Own Workspace

Woman working from homeIt can be so easy to get distracted when you are working from home. Working in the bedroom, dining area or living room will not let you focus on what needs to get done, work-wise. This makes having your own workspace crucial.

For example, if you have tuition assignments, you do not need a huge space as your work area, but you will need one that is conducive to working. It needs to be away from distractions, such as the TV, noise, and anything else that can get you distracted. Think of how your previous office space looked like; something like that is the goal.

Set Working Hours

While a flexible schedule has its perks, it can also have a downside. You can easily get bored with working and do other things that are not work-related. Procrastination is popular among freelancers who work on flexible hours, and it is essential to have the discipline to get things done right away.

Make sure to set a work schedule and stick to it every day despite how you are feeling. There is no need to work eight hours straight, however. You can set a schedule to work four hours in the morning, then another four hours in the afternoon or evening. If there are errands or chores to be done, you can do them during the hours in between your work schedule.

Time management is more than just getting things done on time. It also tells people you work with that you value their time and that you are a professional. Nobody wants to work with someone who waits for the last minute to get things done. You also never know if something would go wrong along the way (such as technical difficulties), which can make you miss a deadline, so it is always important to finish ahead of time.

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