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Finding the Most Ideal Family Car

When you have a family, a car becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. Choosing the ideal car for your family requires some research to ensure you’re getting the right vehicle. Aside from the budget, there are other things you need to consider. Feel free to follow the guidelines below when looking for the perfect family car:

  1. Know your Budget

Just like how you bought your first sedan or that stylish looking hatchback for the daily commute, you need to set a realistic budget before shopping for cars. Find out how much you can really afford to spend on the new vehicle. Double check your expenses and compute your monthly salary. Make sure to update your credit history. If possible, clear all debts from lending companies and banks to increase your credit score. Once you have an idea about the price range, you can now start looking for options.

  1. Consider the Vehicle Type and Size

When it comes to family cars, comfort should always be on top of the list. As much as possible go for bigger vehicles such as SUVs or vans. Check the actual capacity of your choices. Sometimes, the number of seating from the label may indicate 8 passengers; but considering the floor spacing and legroom, it’s not as comfortable as you expected when everything gets occupied.

You should also take into consideration the storage size. The back compartment should be spacious enough for your valuables. This is necessary especially when you go on family trips. Many enthusiasts recommend looking for a Mercedes Sprinter for sale in Salt Lake City. This van is bigger than the popular Chevrolet Suburban. It’s a 12-seater van with wider legroom in every row.

  1. Review the Safety Features

This is one of the biggest factors when choosing a family car. While there are now safety regulations car manufacturers need to comply with, some models took it to the next level when it comes to stability, security, and safety. Some of the leading brands when it comes to minivans include the 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, and the new 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Aside from seatbelts and airbags, you should also check other advanced safety technology like automated speed regulation proximity, active lane assistance, emergency brakes, efficient stability control, and crosswind assistance. Bigger vehicles also need dash cams for better visibility.

  1. Go for Fuel Efficiency

Little girl and mom smiling inside their minivan

As much as possible, go for SUVs or minivans with fuel efficiency features. Fortunately today, a lot of manufacturers have developed fuel-efficient vehicles. Some of the best choices for SUVs are Chevrolet Equinox, Nissan Kicks, Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, Hyundai Nexo, and GMC Terrain.

Finding the most ideal fuel efficient van or SUV is actually not that easy. Bigger vehicles usually consume more fuel than regular sedans. There are some ways however to improve your gas mileage. This includes switching to low-rolling resistance tires, and upgrading the interior’s grounding wires and cables.

Now, you’re just a few steps away to find the most ideal family car. Just a reminder, avoid impulsive buying. Do your research before making a decision.

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