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Essential Pointers When Traveling Abroad with Your Kids

With the global distribution of vaccines, there is a hope that international travel will be possible again by summer. At least two of the authorized vaccines in the country have proven not only to diminish the severe symptoms of the virus but also to lessen its transmission.

Although social distancing and face mask-wearing would still be observed, there is plenty of evidence pointing out that many people have already booked popular destinations for the second half of 2021. This means you and your family might get to enjoy going on a holiday abroad this year.

Pointers to Remember When Traveling Abroad with Your Children

Traveling with your children can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it involves crowded locations. Nonetheless, it is a fun and significant family event, particularly if it is the first time you travel abroad as a family.

Taking your kids for a vacation abroad means putting up measures to ensure their health and safety whilst enjoying the trip. Check out these tips to give you some ideas.

1. Learn About Your Country Destination

Safety and preparedness for international travel begin at home. Take some time with your kids to research your country destination. Learn basic phrases of the local language and learn about their etiquette and customs. The more research you do ahead of time, the better prepared and seamless the safety plan for your children would be.

Encourage us to download and print printable travel maps and to keep them in their bags and wallets. The same thing goes with passport copies, emergency contacts, and helpful addresses.

2. Sign up in STEP

STEP stands for the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. It is offered to U.S. citizens while traveling and living abroad. It is free and has the following benefits:

  • Obtain important information about the safety conditions of a destination country to help you make informed travel plan decisions;
  • It makes it easier for the U.S. Embassy to reach you in any emergency cases; and,
  • Help your family and friends contact you in an emergency.

After registering, download the STEP app so that you and your kids can stay alert during the whole travel time abroad.


3. Vaccination & Dental Checkup

Do not discount the importance of your children’s body in excellent condition before traveling abroad. To schedule a checkup with their physician and dentist.

You will likely be required to get a vaccination when traveling to certain countries. These vaccines include those against rabies, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis. Vaccines not only protect you and your kids from serious diseases, but they will also ensure that you do not bring home any of these serious diseases to your family, friends, and community.

Visiting the dentist is also worth the trouble, specifically if one of your kids constantly complains about tooth or gum ache. Plus, dealing with tooth or gum troubles takes out all the fun in vacation.

4. Keep a Low Profile

It is nearly impossible to blend into a different culture, but there are plenty of ways for you and your kids to keep a low profile while traveling.

Keep a low-key presence by wearing clothes that fit in with local fashion trends, limit wearing valuable jewelry, and resist the impulse of carrying a camera hanging around your neck. It is also a good idea to research beforehand how the locals of your destination country perceive your home country.

Try to be friendly and pleasant as well, and avoid looking like a tourist. Avoid talking about politics with strangers as it could lead to heated arguments. Though you and your kids should have a good time being yourselves while traveling abroad, it is best to act within the boundaries of local culture.

5. Get Insurance

Apart from securing copies of your and your children’s passport and other important travel documents, you also need to check your travel insurance coverage. Not only will it act as a safety net in case you incur some unforeseen medical expenses abroad, but it also helps with other travel-related emergencies such as losing a suitcase or a passport.

Inquire with your company’s group insurance to see if the policy includes any travel-related coverage and if it includes coverage for any of your family members.

Empower Instead of Scaring Your Children

It can truly be challenging traveling with younger kids while observing basic rules without appearing overly protective. But there are common-sense ways of keeping your children safe during vacation without being locked up all day in your hotel room.

Rather than teach your kids the “do not talk to a stranger” rule, encourage them to be alert when faced with a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation. Play out scenarios with them and go over them as much as you can. That way, in case something should happen, they have an idea of how to handle the situation.

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