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Dermal fillers in Kent – Available Now

As part of a range of cosmetic procedures, Stangrove Court Dental Practice is now offering dermal filler in Kent.

Dermal fillers are used as a cosmetic treatment as a way to fill out an area of the face, providing a fuller-looking facial feature with a smooth youthful look. A great solution for flattening of lines and wrinkles, many people are now considering these procedures as an alternative to Botox due to the flexibility in its use.


Fillers are seen to have diverse usage as they can be applied to different areas of the face to achieve the desired results, unlike other types of treatment they may be limited for use in the upper facial area.

When looking to create life and restore the look of youth, apply to the cheeks.  This will also help to make the cheeks appear fuller creating a healthier overall look to the face, that can make someone look younger than they are.  This may also greatly improve the look of the nasolabial folds at the corners of the mouth; however, these can always be treated separately.

Fillers can also be applied to the area between the cheek and lower eyelid as a way to increase volume and reduce any dark look in the eye area, this will help make the eyes look more vibrant and healthier.

If you are looking for a way to give the jawline more definition, this could be the solution you are looking for.  This will help to create a profile that has a well-defined look.

Finally, redefine the temple area of the face by adding back volume that may have been lost, again helping to rebuild youthful looks.

Treatment format

This treatment is provided via a fine needle or a blunt-ended tube known as a cannula.  Needle based treatment provides more precision where the cannula option will lessen the effects of swelling or bruising.


Following any treatment, it is best to avoid extreme heat for a period, this would include sunbathing. Skin facial treatments should also be avoided, along with rubbing or massaging of the face.

Alcohol should be avoided for up to 24 hours after treatment.

You may experience swelling, tenderness, redness, and some bruising in the period after treatment, this is normal. If this becomes persistent you should seek medical advice.

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Repeat treatments

In most cases, the lifespan of this treatment is around 18 months, although most clients may seek to have the repeat treatment before this timescale elapses. It should be noted that the area treated may determine the timescale before a repeat treatment is needed, in cases where lips have been treated you may find that a repeat treatment might be required after 6 to 12 months.

Consult the professional providing the treatment for recommendations about repeat treatments.

Find out more

To gain more details about your options when thinking of utilising filler treatments please contact a qualified professional. It is important to remember these are medical procedures, they have risks like all medical procedures, you are encouraged to seek accurate advice from professional sources.

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