Dating Etiquette: Does the Three-Day Rule Still Work?

Dating has limitless possibilities, especially if you are open to meeting new people and building relationships. People have tried to make rules that will help singles get the perfect date and make them agree to meet up for a second date. One of the most common pieces of advice is the three-day rule.

The concept proposes a three-day waiting period before calling up a potential partner after the first date. The rule focuses on meetups, calls, and interactions between you and your partner. If you met before with the help of a Washington DC matchmaker, this should not be considered as part of the three-day rule.

What is the Three-Day Rule?

The three-day rule is the length of time you should contact a potential partner after your first date. This means that you shouldn’t contact them or ask them out immediately after; you should wait for three days before making a move. The three-day rule also applies after getting their number or making the initial contact. The idea behind this is to avoid looking too desperate.

Does the Three-Day Rule Still Apply These Days?

While the three-day rule might have some followers, it is a concept that many in the digital age think is outdated. Sometimes, it might not apply, especially if you found your date online. But some people who met the old-fashioned way insist on following this rule.

More People Are Meeting Online

Social media and online matchmakers are taking over real-life dates. If you met someone on social media or a matchmaking platform, chances are you often talk even if you haven’t met yet. Your first date will be an extension of your virtual relationship into real life.

In this case, going silent for three days after the meetup could be misconstrued as rude. Failure to communicate might imply that the meeting didn’t go well hence prompting the person to move on.

The Fast-Paced Life Has No Room for Waits

People still meet up in real life, and for many, it still has its advantages. While many people still follow the three-day rule, many think that the fast pace of modern life makes it an outmoded dating method. A simple gesture like a simple good morning greeting or a sweet reminder where you met is a good way to reinforce your relationship. Long conversations could be a turn-off. You could simply ask if they reached home safely or wish them a simple good night.

Communication is Easier than It Used to Be


The three-day rule started when text messages and instant messages weren’t a thing yet. Nowadays, checking up on someone is very easy with all the options at our disposal. But even with this slew of technology and gadgetry, you would still need to follow certain rules to make the dating process less demanding.

You can build a real relationship without being too pushy or demanding of their time. Don’t lengthen conversations on the phone or social media. Be helpful and curious, but don’t ask too many personal questions unless your date shares the information.

Bottom Line

While initiating full-fledged conversation soon after meeting someone for the first time might overbearing, failing to contact them might seem careless and uncouth. The fact that he or she shared their number means that they are open to hearing from you. Just ensure that you start your interaction light and start talking more if the other party is receptive.

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