Correcting teeth alignment facilitates overall well-being

Orthodontic treatments like Invisalign in Luton are commonly associated with refining the appearance of smiles, but aesthetic improvements are not all that this type of treatment can achieve. Patients on teeth-straightening treatment plans can derive equally important benefits that can positively impact physical and psychological health. The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) advises that using dental instruments dedicated to correcting teeth alignment issues can also have positive effects on quality of life.

The number of adult patients opting for orthodontic treatments has been on the rise since the introduction of removable orthodontic devices in the industry, with 80 per cent of patients belonging to the 26 to 55 age group. Patients are now more than ever realising that whilst they cannot control every aspect of their appearance, controlling how their teeth look is indeed a possibility.

How straighter teeth impact general well-being

Straightening teeth does so much more for a patient than initially thought. There are far-reaching rewards that make the investment in orthodontic treatments provide returns in unexpected ways.

Patients become invested in their dental health

For the average patient, orthodontic treatments are an investment, and when looked at in this light, the results need to be protected. Experiencing their newfound love for their newly improved smiles, patients are more willing to make a concerted effort in maintaining their oral health. They are eager to implement techniques advised by their dentist and take more responsibility in keeping their teeth and gums religiously clean.

By keeping on top of teeth and gum health, patients become less vulnerable to developing gum disease and losing their teeth to decay. A further consequence is that this also helps them to protect against many medical conditions worsening due to poor dental health.

Respite from pain and discomfort

Problems with the jaw area often produce pain and discomfort that can arise from difficulties in biting and chewing. TMJ syndrome is one such problem that can be successfully treated by orthodontic intervention.

Anti-ageing outcomes

There are, at the very least, three ways in which orthodontic treatments can bring about a more youthful facial appearance; straighter teeth, a stronger defined chin and cheeks are all known benefits of orthodontics that can bring a more vibrant look into the face.

Patients feel better about their appearance which in turn increases self-confidence

Self-confidence is the critical ingredient that can improve a person’s outlook on life. Greater confidence levels relate to how well a person can engage with others. Natural wide smiles are therefore more likely to have a desired positive effect.

Improved chewing abilities

dental chair at the office

Misaligned teeth can make chewing difficult, which can adversely affect a patient receiving all the nutrients required from a diverse diet. In addition to not being able to eat a variety of foods, the inability to chew properly can hinder the digestion process.

If a patient is interested in the benefits of orthodontic treatment, they should set up a consultation with a dental practitioner experienced in developing personalised orthodontic treatment plans for individual patients. Orthodontic treatment menus normally include Invisalign braces, as well as other clear braces brands suitable for adult patients.

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