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Want to attract patients to your dental website? Top tips on converting site visitors to patients

Whether your dental surgery is brand new or has been seeing patients for years, it can be challenging to attract new patients.

And with the internet posing new challenges to dental surgeries in relation to ranking and SEO, the entire process of turning website visitors into real-life patients can be very daunting. Which is why after doing some research, you should contact an online marketing company that specialises in dental marketing techniques and can offer their own unique patient attraction system.

Regardless of the marketing company you choose, there will be similarities in the services they offer. Almost all of them will offer you SEO services and will aim to update your surgeries webpage to make it more compatible with the search engine Google.

When it comes to the makeover of your website, how does any marketing team’s patient attraction system work?


In modern times, it has been more important than ever to get as much information online as possible about your dental surgery. As part of a patient attraction system, a well-equipped and experienced marketing team will aim to make your actual surgery as accessible as possible to your web page visitors. This will involve lots of photos being taken of your practice and there may even be suggestions of uploading a virtual tour; this will allow potential patients to have a look around your surgery, which is invaluable to dental patients who are nervous and will help all potential patients feel important.



Even if you and your team are a bit camera shy, it is highly likely that a marketing team will want to take photos of each of you and may even ask you to star in some videos about your practice, discussing the procedures you can offer to patients and answering FAQ as an example. Like the virtual tour, this will allow your website visitors to feel more informed about your team and will help nervous patients to put a face to the dentists that they may see.


Nothing is a bigger let-down for potential dental patients than visiting a dental site to not find any information about fees or prices. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car online if you couldn’t see its price, so why would a person looking for a dentist pick your surgery without an idea of your price range?

You will need to be as transparent as possible with your site visitors, and so, your marketing team will ask you to draw up a list of all the treatments that you offer along with prices.


Whether you have reviews written down on paper, have them online or want to start making video reviews, nothing is going to attract patients faster than high-reviews from former or current members of your surgery. You may even want to dedicate an entire page on your site to your reviews or may want to place them across the homepage. Regardless of the display, this is the best way to attract new patients!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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