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Backyard Recycling: Don’t Throw Away Dried Leaves

Trees are great for the environment because of their ability to rid the air of carbon dioxide. They are towering, but that also has a purpose. Their leaves serve both as their method of getting sustenance from the sun, and also to provide shade to people. There is no greater feeling of relief than taking shelter under one right on time as the rain shower is starting. But even on sunny days, it is great to hang out under them due to how they make the ambiance calm and relaxing.

There will come a time the leaves of a tree has served its purpose. When that happens, they start to dry out and eventually fall. They will then start to pile up in your yard. Raking them up can prove to be a workout for your arms. If you want to gather them faster, you can try using a high-quality commercial grass blower.

This machine should be able to push a large pile into a corner together with the weeds you have trimmed. You can then bag them up and throw them into the trash bin. But you can also do something better, and that is to recycle them.

Pet Cushion

You might be an animal lover who has a variety of pets at home. If that is the case, then you have a good use for dried leaves. They can serve as comfortable cushions. You can place a layer inside cages of small animals like hamsters and rabbits. Gather them up and put them in a pillowcase, and your dogs or cats will have a new place to sleep on.

You can start converting a piece of your yard or garden into a small farm if you have pet chickens and place a pile of dried leaves there. That can serve as a litter box, which will lessen your cleaning or maintenance efforts as it absorbs odors and eventually will decompose into the dirt.


compost bin

If you are looking for more material to use as compost, look no further. Instead of adding dry leaves to a garbage landfill, you can add it to your pile of organic material that you will let decompose. This will become soil that has a lot of nutrients that plants need. So if you plan to have a variety of specimens in your garden, you do not need to worry about getting fertile soil elsewhere. Growing everything right in your backyard saves you time and money, and it is also friendly to the environment.


How mulch different from a compost pile? The purpose of the latter is for you to have fertile soil. A layer of mulch serves as a sort of water reserve, which makes the soil retain moisture for a longer time. This would be perfect if you have seeds or growing plants in there because they will get a steady supply of water throughout the day.

Think of mulch as a sponge that has absorbed water. Place that on top of your soil so it can transfer its moisture. Your mulch will be doing that until it completely rots away and blends with the dirt. When that happens, just gather some dry leaves again and make a new layer on top.


If you want to start a fire, whether that is for a barbecue or if you just want to burn some wood to warm yourself up, you need materials that can quickly ignite into a flame. Using flammable substances like butane or alcohol is the easier route, but those produce fumes that can cause you discomfort, and inhaling those could also be bad for your respiratory system. If you have a lot of scraps at home, pieces of paper should do the job. Otherwise, your dried leaves will work just as well.

Just gather your dried leaves and place them under your wood or coal, and then start the fire with a match stick or lighter. If you are the adventurous type, you can also throw sparks at it using a flint. The dried leaves should start to burn up real quick. If you need a stronger flame, just put more of them in there.

A pile of dried leaves is biodegradable, but they can still clog drainage holes. That is why everyone should clean their own backyards and make sure that not much of it goes out to the street. Cleaning them up or repurposing them is a great contribution to your neighborhood and the environment. It is a simple way to make the world a better place to live in.

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