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Away from Home: 3 Ways Emotions Can Get in the Way of Selling Your House

The readiness to sell a house is always focused on the financial aspect. You’re supposed to have equity on your side. You shouldn’t have debts. You must have a home that you can afford, and the list is endless. As much as this is a financial decision, it’s an emotional one as well. In fact, even if you’re economically ready for this next chapter in your life, you may find it difficult to move on because there are just too many emotions holding you back. How so? Here are some of the ways:

It can cloud your judgment on the sale price.

A house that you’ve known for years will always be so dear to you. It’s natural to put a high price on a possession you value so much, but take note that buyers don’t look at that sentimental value. They only consider what they see and how they think it will be of benefit for them.

If your price tag don’t match buyers’ impressions (or the current real estate values), you could lose so many potential good offers. If you’re looking to sell fast so you can move in to the new home waiting for you, don’t be surprised if you don’t see it happening. As much as this is an emotional process for you, try being objective. Consult with your real estate agent how much you can list the property. They should be able to give you advice what a decent mark-up is to rather accommodate your sentimental value. Don’t take it personally when they price your home lower than what you’re expecting, though.

It can make you second-guess your decision.

Of course, part of the selling process is decluttering your home. You’ll have to go through each of your personal belongings and box them up. This can trigger a lot of memories and emotions along the way. You may find the first wine bottle you opened the day you moved in. You may have to revisit your toddler’s old nursery room. All these can make you sad, regretful, or frustrated. You may even feel the urge to back out of the whole selling process. Trust that this exercise will be good for you.

For one, it will give you the opportunity to process feelings and come to terms with this reality. At the same time, the sorting and packing can de-personalize your space, making it hopefully helpful to detach from the house. If you don’t want the property to stay longer in the market, there are a couple of reliable fast homebuyers in Greenfield, IN who can take your home in an instant.

It can distract you from building rapport with buyers.

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Expect that the people visiting your property don’t feel the same way about your home. They might comment about your small kitchen or the furniture arrangement. They might discuss the changes they will make as soon as they get the house.

It’s not that your home is ugly. It’s just that potential homebuyers have certain needs and aesthetic taste of their own, much like you when you first moved in. All the same, this might hurt your feelings. It will be hard to talk with decency and courtesy to potential buyers. Worse, if you don’t keep a level head, you might just find yourself saying things that can derail a potentially good sale. If you decide to be there at the unit viewing, just be ready for what you might overhear. Try not to take it personally. Of course, there’s also the option of leaving your agent in those occasions.

Selling a home is more than a financial decision. It’s an emotional roller coaster. As much as you want to keep feelings out of the equation, you will have to deal with them in one way or another. Don’t try to bottle them up or deny them. Instead, acknowledge them so you can keep them in check.

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