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5 Fun Facts About Ice Cream

For millions of people, ice cream has always been a top dessert or snack that’s perfect for hot days or even cold nights. In Australia alone, a person consumes an average of 18 litres of this delicious product each year, enough to land the country in the number three spot of the world’s top ice cream consumers. Aussies can turn to reputable names such as Cold Rock Ice Creamery to enjoy a wide range of ice cream selections that can easily make a gloomy day bright.

But aside from this, there are other fun facts about ice cream that you should know. Here are five of them:

It’s centuries-old

A lot of people may think that ice cream is a fairly new invention, perhaps just over a century old. However, historical records show that as early as the 4th century B.C., Nero has been enjoying an early version of ice cream made from snow and a mixture of honey, nut, and fruits. This means that ice cream is, in fact, centuries-old. So, the next time you help yourself to a frozen tub of this sweet treat, know that you’re having something that is so good, it’s fitting for a Roman Emperor.

It’s a highly nutritious concoction

While some may think that ice cream is a product that can only make one fat or diabetic, it actually has a lot of nutritional benefits that you can enjoy. For one, ice cream contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for one’s health. It likewise has energy-giving properties and can even boost your immune system. Moreover, a dose of ice cream will make your brain more active and can even make your bones stronger. Finally, ice cream is so great a treat that it can uplift your mood and serve as your go-to comfort food for life.

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The ice cream cone was invented accidentally

Have you ever wondered how the ice cream cone came about? Well, the answer is, by a happy accident. It was during the 1904 Saint Louis World Fair when one ice cream vendor suddenly ran out of cups for the ice cream he’s selling. Fortunately, a kind-hearted waffle maker came to his rescue and gave him some waffle pastries that were rolled and made into the shape that it is today. And so we now eat ice cream on a waffle cone happily, ever after.

The top 4 most popular flavors, and more!

Here’s a quick question: can you name the top four most popular ice cream flavors? The answers, for your information, are the following:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Strawberry
  4. Cookies and cream

Other equally fun facts:

  • Sunday is the most profitable day to sell ice cream.
  • The largest ice cream sundae weighed some 24 tonnes and was made in Alberta, Canada in the 1980s.
  • The largest ice cream cake, meanwhile, weighed a whopping 12,096 pounds.
  • Americans are the heaviest consumers of ice cream.
  • You can enjoy hotdog-flavored ice cream if you come to Arizona, USA.

There is actually an Ice Cream Month

Finally, ice cream is so big that there is actually a month dedicated to it. It’s July and it’s celebrated as the National Ice Cream Month in the U.S., which is why Americans are the heaviest ice cream consumers in the world. But Aussies are the third largest consumers of this delectable treat.

Truly, there is more to ice cream than just a tasty, frozen, sweet concoction that people of all ages love. But be sure to eat it in moderation, as too much won’t be good for your health.

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