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4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Breast Enhancement

Cosmetic procedures continue to evolve into minimally invasive processes resulting in a rise in the demand for body enhancements. In 2018, breast augmentations took the tag for the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure. If you are planning on joining the bandwagon, here are a few things you should know before you get a boob job.

1. Your body determines the kind of incision you get

The incisions used are the areola, underarm incision, and the crease below the breast. It is also possible for the doctor to conduct a transumbicular incision which involves insertion of the implant through the navel. The size and shape of the breast prior to the procedure and the desired results determine the most appropriate incision. Depending on your anatomy and goals, your breast implant surgeon in Utah will help you choose the most appropriate one.

2. There is a limit to the sizing

Since women come in unique features, the implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and profiles. With this range of choice, your doctor can pick the one likely to result in a most natural look for a beautiful outcome. However, according to your chest measurements, body frame, expected breast size, tissue thickness, and anatomical proportions, there is a limit to the size of implant you can get.

Also, implants that are too large may accelerate aging and could cause medical complications. It is, therefore, essential to get the sizing right, and your doctor should tell you how far you can go after a thorough evaluation.

3. There is a wide range of filler material to choose from

Woman in an operating roomThe two basic types of breast implant filler materials are saline solution and silicone. Analogous fat is another option which involves the transfer of lipids from other parts of the body to the breasts. The saline type has sterile salty water. In case there are leaks, the implant collapses, the body absorbs the filler material, and eventually expels it naturally. They offer a uniform shape, a firm feeling, and are available for women 18 years and older.

The silicone implants, on the other hand, contain silicone gel. After a leak, the gel remains within the implant shell without collapsing. These, however, require regular visits to the doctor to ensure they are functioning optimally. They are available for persons 22 years and older. Gummy bear implants contain silicone gel with a thicker consistency making them firmer. If the shell breaks, they still maintain their shape.

4. The first surgery is just the beginning

Issues such as pregnancy, weight loss, and change in preferences over time may warrant another surgery to fit into your current lifestyle. Since implants do not last a lifetime, they may start leaking or lose shape. To correct these, you will need revision surgery to get new implants. Also, you cannot go from a small size to a huge bust. After the initial surgery, your doctor will recommend you give your body time to adjust. The increment will be over a period of time as your surgeon may deem right.

Breast augmentation requires an understanding of the procedure and how it will affect your daily activities. You also have to consider how it will alter your overall body image and if you will be comfortable with it. Once you are certain about what you want, book a consultation session with your doctor.

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