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3 Things People Discovered from Using Face and Body Oil

In pursuit of skin care products that can remedy dry and flaky skin, many people look for body oils that are infused with herbal and natural essential oils that work wonders for the skin. Why? Here are the amazing things they discovered from using it:

It’s great for removing makeup

Oils can remove makeup without stripping the skin off its natural moisture. It also takes a few drops of oil to do the job, making it a more practical and cost-effective product. Moreover, it won’t harm the skin despite daily use. You can apply the oil directly onto the skin using gentle upward motions or put drops on a cleaning cloth to wipe the makeup off using circular and upward motions.

The oil breaks up the makeup, which makes it a much easier and gentler process. It won’t leave your skin feeling tight, so you can say goodbye to harsh makeup removing products that leave a sting on your skin, which can even cause skin irritation in the long run.

It seals in moisture

beautiful smiling womanFace and body oils are good for sealing in moisture on the skin, especially when used as the last step in moisturizing routines. Many have experimented with this technique and admit that they were a bit skeptical at first, but were in for a surprising result. What they did is they went through their usual routine of applying a skin moisturizing lotion, but this time, they layered on some body oil to seal in all the moisturizing effects of the lotion.

With face and body oil, the skin can still look fresh and moisturized by midday. It works just as well with body butter. With quick drying oils (like those that contain Argan), these can also feel light and smooth on the skin. Layering it on your favorite moisturizing product enhances its moisturizing and smoothening properties, so all you get is soft, supple skin all day long.

It has quick drying oils

Not all oils feel heavy and thick on the skin. There are those that can be easily absorbed by the skin and do not leave a heavy, sticky feeling after application. These are made with natural essential oils that are packed with skin beneficial properties, which work for all skin types.

Sunflower oil, for example, is a good moisture sealer since it is easily absorbed by the skin. Its light texture and neutral scent leave the skin feeling fresh and soft without making it greasy and sticky. It’s also good for those who have sensitive and oily skin.

Oils, especially the ones infused with herbal and natural essential extracts, can help soothe dry and flaky skin. This help in boosting the effects of your moisturizing product by acting as a sealing agent and ideal makeup remover for all types of skin. As many have said, it’s the best thing they have tried. Going the herbal route has been nothing but amazing so far for them, so you are sure to experience the same if you try it now.

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