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3 Important Things Involved in Preplanning a Funeral

Life is uncertain; you never can tell what will happen a minute, hour, or day from now. That is why you always need to be ready for whatever will come your way. Death, for example, is inevitable. It will come to you sooner or later, depending on how you take care of your body or what your genetic makeup is. But one thing is for sure: Thinking about dying and leaving our loved ones behind is painful in itself.

Of course, we don’t want to delay death as much as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t do so much about it. The best way to live a longer life is to live healthy and take good care of our body. If you care about the future of your family and you’re looking for a way to reduce the burden on your loved ones’ shoulders when you’re gone, you can plan your funeral as early as now. Working with companies that offer cheap or affordable funeral plans, such as Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, is one of your best options.

A growing number of people today choose to preplan their own or their or their loved one’s funeral. Planning a funeral in advance has several benefits, which include knowing that your wishes will be taken care of and having the peace of mind that your family will not need to make difficult decisions regarding funeral arrangement during their time of grief.

Here are the things to consider for your funeral pre-planning tasks:

1. Budget

Consider how much you or your family can afford to spend on the funeral arrangements. Find out the average costs of the funeral, so you get a realistic idea before you search for funeral plans in your location. The National Funeral Directors Association notes that the average funeral package costs nearly $7,200 and this does not include the price of the cemetery plot, headstone, and the after-service reception.

2. Details of Memorial Service

Consider the big and small details of a memorial service. These include the music to be played, the flowers to use, and whether or not you would like to have a table that would feature memorabilia or photos. Consider your preferences and write these things down. You need to keep a record of this plan in a safe place and have a copy given to your choice of a funeral home.

3. Funeral Home

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Do your research and talk to people you trust so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a funeral home. You may want to find out what funeral packages and types of services are being provided by a funeral home. You also need to get professional insights before deciding if you want a direct cremation, a burial or body/tissue donation.

Preplanning your funeral can ensure that your memorial service will go the way you want it even after you have departed. When making a plan, be sure to set up a budget, consider the things that you want, and choose a funeral home that will be able to fulfill your wishes.

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